Welcome to Xen Rebirth - A free MMORPG

This is a Non-Profit Private Server for the closed and abandoned MMORPG Xenepic / Secret of the Solstice / Xen Online. The former and official game was shut down more than 8 years ago.
Xenepic / SotS / Xen Online is a free 2.5D MMORPG which brings you into the Land of Xen to fight powerful foes, explore the world or have a chat with others.
Xen Rebirth is a classic Role Play Game with Quests, crafting and a lot of fun and cute costumes in anime style.
You can choose from 6 classes. Hundreds of different monsters to hunt. Hundreds of maps to explore!
Fun parties and a great community awaits you!


Archer class anime mmorpg
Cleric class mmorpg
Rogue class
Mage class anime mmorpg
Templar class


Changes from original

  • No Pay to Win. Everything is obtainable ingame for free
  • Instanced Dungeons
  • New Maps
  • New Outfits
  • New Skills
  • New reward systems for Boss and Dungeon fights
  • Boss Mechanics
  • Maximum level of 200!
  • ... and much more ...

Xen online private server is a free MMORPG released in 2020, Anime style MMORPG, Xenepic, Secret of the Solstice, Top-down online game.

Enjoy a free Massive Multiplayer Role Play Game in 2020!

Recent Activities

  • Jrgoofy

    Reacted with Thanks to GM_Ganta’s post in the thread Clarity on stat limits.
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    (Quote from Rage)

    well, hit rate cap is 255 from what I understand, but you would need 100 points in men, lvl 10 hit rate pet, and tailwind to even reach 200 hit rate. Not sure if anyone knows the exact calculation, but its impossible to have 100%…
  • Rage

    Reacted with Like to Masterjemz’s post in the thread Templar Player Desires.
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    +1 for reducing/combining buffs.
  • Gale

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    this is hilarious, I was visiting my parents and my mom told me she needed to talk to me and I said without hesitation, unknowingly "just whisper me"..... she looked at me so confused! :D
  • Gale

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    (Quote from TwinkleVal)

    I feel attacked. :D except with fixed BO prices
  • Masterjemz

    Replied to the thread Templar Player Desires.
    +1 for reducing/combining buffs.
  • Masterjemz

    Reacted with Like to Rage’s post in the thread Templar Player Desires.
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    + Templar Player Desires +

    In the Compiled Issues and Solutions thread I harped on Class Balances. It is important to communicate what our class was like, what we missed due to changes, and what players desire it to be. The imbalances are reflected in…
  • Xtelann

    Replied to a comment by Dylanangel on the event WEDDING DAY! <3 Tsalbos and Viewtiful <3.
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    <3 <3 <3 Dyl
  • Masterjemz

    Reacted with Like to VII’s post in the thread 3 suggestions for robo-wings.
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    I hope everyone is doing well today!

    I recently purchased my first set of robo wings and they went INT unfortunately for me. This wouldn't have been much of an issue for me if I got the robo wings similarly to how other wings are created with equisible,…
  • Masterjemz

    Replied to the thread Robo Fails.
    +1 for tradable wings.
  • OnionMage12

    Replied to the thread Mobs Run Level.
    Actually, SacredRosa22 (Lvl 74) tested with Oblivion. Said that Stoom, Entrid, and Cetnerion ran but the Markmoo kept attacking. Definitely mixed levels there. those 3 probably 54 and Markmoo at least 55.