Featured Monthly - Guess the Boost Event

"Guess the Boost Event"

Want to get your 'pew pew' on?

This is your chance!

Event Details:

Guess the Exp boost % given on each of the days of the specified event date. The exp boost on each of the days will vary (to be posted after the event ends). Exp Boost will reset/change at Server Reset for the duration of the event.

Post your best guess for each of the event days in the link to be provided below along with feedback.

*Constructive suggestions/feedback is welcomed, please be respectful.

The players who guess correctly (with a small margin of error of +/-10) the boost on each of the event days will get a prize pack per correct entry which contains:

Adeline's Gift x 1

Dungeon Limit Reset x 1

(prizes may change every month no alternate accounts, one entry per player)

Entry form:  Click here to enter your guess

The exp boost for each of the days will be revealed along with the list of players who guessed the exp boost correctly.

Winners will be posted here

Let the leveling begin!


xoxoxo;) xoxoxo

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  • Submission Form Link has been activated. Good luck with your guess and pew pew! <3