Xen Madness

A strange phenomenon has been spotted, in a strange place monsters seem to be loaded with shiny and beautiful xen stones!

The entrance is unstable so we can only visit for a limited amount of time. sharp your weapons and load up on potions the biggest xen stone hunt will begin!

Event details:

1. Players will be requested to gather at Guild Plaza to be transported to the event map!

2. Maps have no exp lose penalty, and all aoe skills are disabled (except for major heal) but GMs won't revive nor teleport anyone once the teleport is done. BE THERE ON TIME! AND BRING YOUR REVIVE ITEMS!

3. Each tier will stay in the event map for 25 minutes, with a 7 minutes downtime before the next warp begins.

4. To participate the following tiers will be used (may be modified in the future as people reach higher levels):

LVL 1-21 (First Batch) *May or may not open. Players will be teleported here only if they are struggling in the 1-34 map. Focused mainly for new/undergeared players.

LVL 1-34 (First batch)

LVL 35-50 (First batch)

LVL 51-74 (Second batch)

LVL 75-95 (Second batch)

LVL 96-115 (Third batch)

LVL 116-140 (Third batch)

LVL 141+ (Fourth batch)

5. 2 tiers will be teleported at the same time to 2 different maps so players may participate on up to 4 tiers.

6. First batch will be teleported 5 minutes after the announced start of event date.

7. After all tiers are finished a participation gift will be given out at the location given by the hosting GMs.

We will be waiting for you :evil:

------------------------------Info en Español-------------------------------

Se ha encontrado un extraño fenomeno, en un lugar extraño se han encontrado monstruos que parecen estar llenos de lindas y brillantes xen stones!

La entrada es inestable, asi que el acceso estara disponible pot tiempo limitado. Afilen sus armas y llenense de pociones porque la mas grande caceria de xen stones esta por comenzar!

Detalles del evento:

1. Los jugadores deberan presentarse en Guild Plaza para ser transportados al mapa del evento.

2. En este mapa no hay perdida de experiencia, todas las habilidades de area estan deshabilitadas (excepto major heal) pero los GMs no reviviran ni teletransportaran a nadie una vez iniciado el evento. SE PUNTUAL Y TRAE ITEMS PARA REVIVIR!

3. Cada grupo tendra 25 minutos dentro el mapa de evento, con un tiempo de espera de 7 minutos antes de enviar al siguiente grupo.

4. Para participar los siguientes grupos seran usados(los rangos/grupos pueden modificarse en el futuro conforme ustedes lleguen a niveles mas altos):

LVL 1-21 (Primer Grupo) *Puede que no este disponible. Se enviara a jugadores a este mapa/grupo si estan teniendo problemas con el grupo de nivel 1-34. Su proposito es ser usado por nuevos jugadores y/o sin suficiente equipo.

LVL 1-34 (Primer Grupo)

LVL 35-50 (Primer Grupo)

LVL 51-74 (Segundo Grupo)

LVL 75-95 (Segundo Grupo)

LVL 96-115 (Tercer Grupo)

LVL 116-140 (Tercer Grupo)

LVL 141+ (Cuarto Grupo)

5. 2 grupos seran transportados al mismo tiempo a 2 mapas distintos. Por lo que cada jugador podra participar en hasta 4 grupos.

6. El primer grupo sera transportado 5 minutos despues de ser anunciado el inicio del evento.

7. Una vez terminados todos los grupos un regalo de participacion sera entregado en el lugar indicado por los GM anfitriones.

Los estaremos esperando :evil:

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  • no xens for me pls

    • iTree


  • working dunring that time won't be able to join the event

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Comments 9

  • will it be adjusted for healers this time or will they still be at an extreme disadvantage like before?

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    • Most healers I know have gotten more Xens than me even when I am geared with more expensive attack sources. I can say with certainty that Disciples and Templar's are definitely at a disadvantage. Yet none of us are complaining here. Because we know this takes up free time of volunteer GM's and there are forum sections more suited for these types of questions.

      Many asked for events. We got it. Free Xens. Take the W. Appreciate it.

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    • While slow, healers actually have decent attacking power. Kill speed isn't that far off of knights or templars. You are able to party with others too.

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    • Rage....
      I'd appreciate it if my question was answered instead of mocked by another player and attempted to be discredited and suggested it be elsewhere. My question comes from the knowledge I received as feedback from healers at the first of this event.

      Thank you Ganta, though the answer wasnt direct, I can read between the lines.

    • toshikawa, if speaking the truth and sharing my experience is viewed as " mocking " then I will answer the question with more clarity. Like the past Xen madness event the answer is " no ", healers weren't and won't be at a disadvantage.

    • my issuse as a healer the ones i went too i couldn't keep up and and mobbed as a low healer thats not easy

  • need more info on specified time of it ?