Fight for the Prize: Pirates vs Ninjas

This month's fight for the prize event will be Pirates vs Ninjas. This will be a little different compared to past Fight for the Prize events. This time, your side will have to clear out ALL monsters to win! This will also not take place in the same map as before. In fact, the event will take place in two separate secret areas. When I announce the start of the event, you will have to look for town/building the monsters are spawned in, and start killing once you find the correct place! The two maps will have a character with a shop up letting you know if its the pirate side or ninja side. The side that is cleared first will be the winner, and the prize that everyone gets.

Since it takes a few minutes to spawn the monsters, please do not start searching and killing monsters until after I announce the start of the event. It would be unfair if someone starts killing in one map before I finish spawning monsters in the other map.

The prizes:

Ninja 30 days

Ninja hat (+1 pow +15 def)

Ninja suit (+3 pow +20 STA +25 attack/magic +15 def -1 move speed)

Kunoichi hair (+15 def)

Kunoichi suit (+3 pow +20 STA +25 attack/magic +15 def -1 move speed)


Pirate 30 days

3 gold tokens

Pirate Cloak of Speed (+3 move speed -.3 attack speed)

eye patch (+3 skill crit)

green bucket male (+7 INT +100 HP)

pink bucket female (+7 INT +100 HP)

and yes, the bucket works for the +10 def spa buff

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