Summer Pool Party (make up for other timezones)

Please join us for a make up pool party to those who missed the first one!

Pool party to be held at 10am Server Time at the spa!

Teleportation will be available to those who need it. Look for the shouts in game :)

Questions and answers with GM Daenerys and other GMs who are able to attend. Please be patient with any language barrier. There will be some translators who will be assisting GM Daenerys with the questions you all have. HARRICHO and Toshikawa have graciously agreed to assist and answer any questions you may have :)

Prizes will randomly appear in your inventory so make sure your inventory is not full!

Come wearing your swimming attire or towels...whichever you prefer ;)


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  • i MAY be late due to personal reasons, but i'll do my best to avoid that from happening. Usually when i tell work i'll be late, i'm on time or 1 minute late and they tell me to stop letting them know :(

  • I noticed that it's mentioned that HARRICHO and Toshikawa have agreed to assist with any questions.

    While I appreciate Toshikawa's initiative to "help" in the last spa event, it was confusing (and rather frustrating) to have him answer questions when it should be the GMs providing the answers, especially when he provided some inaccurate answers to questions (and had to be corrected by a GM) and especially when it was designed to be a GM Meet and Greet / Q&A Session. At one point I was wondering when was Toshikawa a GM.

    By assisting, I hope this is referring to TRANSLATION ASSISTANCE (e.g. Spanish and Japanese, assumingly) and that they stick with actually translating word-from-word on what players are asking / what the GMs are answering (and not adding personal input/comments to it). Leaving it to the GMs to provide the answers (with translators to translate it directly to a different language) would ensure that the answers are coming from a more reliable source.

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    • His assistance is strictly for language barrier purposes :) I appreciate the feedback and understand the confusion. The questions at the other pool party were coming so fast and I was not able to answer all questions for all so his assistance that day was appreciated. The incorrect information was addressed :)

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    • Great, thank you for that clarification!

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    • The 'incident' in question with the incorrect answer was a partial answer cut off by the character limit. I made sure to note to everyone there was additional content to the answer and followed up with a brisk apology. As well, I whispered Toast to bring attention of this mishap and apologized accordingly. Unfortunately, I cannot control how much of what is said is read by a given player and cannot control the speed at which chat scrolls if the clarification was scrolled out of view. I skip words in reading as well and do not claim to be above something like this.

      If anyone cares to assume I am a GM, that is at your own discretion, however, it is not appreciated to see in world chat referring to me as a GM. This will confuse other players into false information with your pokes at me.
      If I do/did answer any question for you or anyone feeling the same way, feel free to ignore my answer and wait for a GM to get around to your answer. I do NOT do any of this for myself, I do it to see the growth of knowledge in others...just like a teacher would.

      Sorry if I caused any confusion as Daenerys was appreciative of me seeing her struggle. ^~^

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  • Is this 1 pm server time?

    • 10am Server time

    • It's weird. The event for me says:

      Start: 1pm

      End: 2pm

      Start (local): 10am

      End (local): 11am

      so I never know which one to pay attention to lol. The funny thing is, I am 2 hours ahead of server time, so it's not like the first time is my time, and the second is server time.

      Anyways, I should always just pay attention to the one that says "local", and consider that server time?

    • That is quite odd. It is showing 10am start and 11am end for both areas. I add the event times in the description of the event so I would pay attention to that :)

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    • Mine was like that for the event yesterday. Shows a different time then what it actually was... kinda confusing :/