Obstacle Race (Wed)

The Weekly Obstacle Race (Wednesday)

Start at 1 PM Servertime at the Event Guide in Essene!

End 1:15 PM Servertime

Teleport to the Event Map at 1 PM (after the Notice) and RUN to the other side!

Avoid Tornados and Shining Meteorites. They will slow you!

Thunder may stun you unexpectedly.. be careful ;)

The Event is tiered into 5 instances.

65 and below

66 - 79

80 - 95

96 - 125

126 +

Prizes for each tier:

1st: 4 Race Lotteries

2nd: 3 Race Lotteries

3rd: 2 Race Lotteries

Anyone else will get one Race Lottery for reaching the goal.