Grind Fest

High level monsters will be spawning in Candyvault all throughout the day, a perfect opportunity for some grinding! At 12pm and 9pm, Remasto in Candyvault will lead everyone to a special map featuring mostly event monsters with special drops spawning for 30 minutes! So gather in his shop at those times.

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  • Fri, Jun 11th 2021, 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm I read this instead of the 9pm start time ... So ended up missing it...

  • Note: the monsters will be out eating lunch from 2pm to 4pm so they won't be invading CV during that time.

  • Hi! Do I need to participate to the 12pm and 9pm event monsters (the newbies friendly ones) lol

    • If level 170+ monsters scare you, then yes, you may want to the 12pm and 9pm time slot ^_^
      Just show up at the time to be warped to the event map, there will be announcements in game before each warp.

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    • will we loose experience

    • No exp loss

    • Ok! thanks for replying!

  • Helloooo... Is there gonna be a lvl restriction for this event???

    • No, but the candyvault monsters will be lvl 170+ and the 12pm and 9pm event monsters will be more newbie friendly.

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    • Thanks Ganta!