Level 200 Map Tour

Grinding to the level cap of 200 is an impressive achievement! On this day, you will be rewarded with an exclusive tour of unreleased maps and a small sneak peak of whats to come in future updates. Level 200 players, meet at Guild Plaza at 12pm, 3pm, or 9pm (or if a different time works better for you, pm me) to begin the tour. The tour will last around 30 to 45 minutes.

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  • Whelp, If I manage to grind out 122 levels ill be there.


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  • jokeee

  • LF>server exp boost so I can get 200 ~(>_<。)

  • Should do groups of ALL players at these times...not just lvl 200 players.....but what do I know

  • Favoritism at its best.

  • If a GM could just gift me some levels that'd be great :)

  • I just got to 131 >_>

  • Nope

  • child i ain't even 200

  • Give me 18 more weeks

  • *sniffles* Would be nice for us low lvl noobs to tour it too so we can be motivated </3

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  • Haha 1 Like 1
    • That one map with the spider webs and hole giving me LoZ Great Deku Tree dungeon vibes :D

  • why invite me to an event I cant join

  • Favoritism at its best

    • Haven't reached lvl 200 but.. Why so bitter, Hitsu? You seem soo unhappy with your life. So sorry for you. x.x

  • ;)

  • If only I were 200 right now....