Think you know more about this game than the GMs? Want to show off your superior knowledge of the game? Now is your chance. On the 26th at 3pm and 9pm, things will be reversed with the community asking the GMs the trivia questions. You will have a chance to quiz the GMs on the game and win a prize if you manage to stump us on a question.

Each player that choses to join will be able to ask up to 3 xen rebirth related trivia questions to the GM team. The GMs will be able to work together to answer the questions. The GMs available for the event will be announced closer to the time of the event.


  • GMs will have only ~30 seconds (slightly more for longer questions) to answer the questions to ensure we don't have time to extensively search for the answers.
  • You can ask up to 3 questions. One person at a time, you will be called on when its your turn
  • You can only enter the 3pm or the 9pm time slot, not both
  • Questions MUST be xen rebirth related
  • The questions must have some sort of relevance to gameplay (example, no questions like "how many trees are there are in Essene")
  • You must actually know the answer to the question
  • The question must have a single answer (no question like "which monsters drop wood?" since multiple monsters drop it. "name one monster that drops wood" is fine.)
  • No questions regarding the location of a normal monster (asking where a boss is located is fine, but asking where a random obscure monster is located is boring)
  • The audience will have discretion on if a question is "fair" or not.

These are the same rules I applied when I made my trivia questions. Generally, the questions should be something reasonable to know and beneficial to know. It should be useful information.
For inspiration for questions, here are some of the trivia questions I asked at the last trivia event


Meet at City Hall 2nd floor if you would like to participate, 1st floor if you'd like to just watch. The event will take place in a special quiz map.


1 xen stone for each question we get wrong to the player that asked it (up to 3 xen stones per participant)

12 hour server wide exp boost per question we get wrong (max 168 hours/7 days)

2 GM lucky balls of each GM that shows up to every player that shows up.

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