Aratos' Request

Aratos has sensed a great disturbance in a different dimension. She foresees great destruction if this imbalance is not fixed. Aratos will send everyone she can to this unstable dimension to fix the issue, but there is a problem. She can only send players level 70 and under to this dimension, and for only 60 minutes max. Her powers are very limited. Higher level players require too much energy to transport, and she can only create a link between the two dimensions for 60 minutes before all her mana is drained. If the task can not be completed in that time, everyone may be stuck forever.

To encourage everyone to work harder and quicker, allowing her to use less of her own energy, she is offering up to 45 butters, -1 butter every minute that passes. Minimum reward of 3 butter. That means, if it takes 10 minutes to finish the job, then everyone gets 35 butter. If it takes 40 minutes, everyone gets 5 butter. The timer starts as soon as warps begin and end as soon as every monster is killed.
Be sure to stock up very well for this event, it might be tough!

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  • Yay a low level and newbie players event :) I hope this is a fun event for us.