Fight for the Prize 5

A mayo mayo and a gobble gobble will be spawned in Guild Plaza. A mayo mayo and a gobble gobble will also be spawned in a 2nd secret location. The location of the 2nd one won't be revealed until the first one is killed. The 1st location is safe, the 2nd location will be filled with dangerous monsters. They will be in maps where if you die, you WILL lose exp. Do you take it slow and safe, or rush in risking death? All players will be able to help kill the 1st monsters, but the 2nd set may want to be reserved for the more skilled players.

Which are kill first, the two mayo or the two gobble, determine the prize everyone gets.

If the two mayo are killed first

General Mask(Male) (+3 crit)

General Mask(Female) (+3 crit)

Korean Suit(Male) (+100 hp, +22 def)

Korean Suit(Female) (+100 hp, +22 def)

Korean Hat (Male) (+100mp +18 def)

Korean Hat (Female) (+100mp +18 def)

(30 days)

If the two gobbles are killed first

Rice Cake Hat (+18 def)

Sheep Helm (+50mp, +10 def, +50 hp/mp recovery amount)

(30 days)

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Comments 2

  • Mayo Mayo side won

  • Sheep helm stats updated

    +50mp, +10 def, +50 hp/mp recovery amount