Halloween Screenshot Contest

Its October, the spookiest month of the year! To start off the month, I will be hosting a halloween screenshot contest. The goal is to create the spookiest screenshot possible, whether it be to wear a creepy outfit, visit spooky locations like Village of the Dead, or appear next to terrifying creatures like Gummybear. You may enter as a group of up to 3 people in your screenshot, with all 3 winning the prize if your entry wins. Screenshots may be altered to add text, adjust colors, or cropped. No other alterations to the screenshot please! Winners will be determined by votes. Top 10 entries will get a participation prize with the top entry getting a grand prize.


The top 10 entries with the most votes will get their choice of one 30 day spooky item of their choice [Vampire Aura, general mask, abyss mask, old-guy mask, skull mask, skull mask (there are two different skull masks...), oni mask, fox mask, Tengu mask, terrifying mask, evil chief mask, ghost suit] and 20 fall signs
The entry with the most votes will receive an additional 200 fall signs and +1 enhancement to any one item they have (excluding +7 or higher gear). This includes pearls, pets, and mounts too (such as changing a +3def pearl to +4, or a skill pet from +1 to +2).

Submit your entry here Halloween Screenshot Contest Submissions - Contest Submissions - Xen Rebirth

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  • Anyone with gummy in their picture should be an auto win.

  • Gummybear is terrifying ;3~

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  • To confirm, it's one singular screenshot we can only submit, right? (like could we submit multiple screenshots as a comic strips style?)