Xenepic EXP boost

To celebrate the xenepic server migration we will activate a 30% server EXP boost for 7 days .

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  • HI Synex

    I know we are just getting started but I/We don't like some of the features that have changed, so what's the chance of putting some of the ones we had in SOS back to this game? our inventory list was to where we just could open it now its a process of three things to get to it? our skills inventory is too big we can't use them it takes too much screen space and the strip is still too short (so are the other information windows) thank you for making the text more readable but is there a way to put a color to the lettering so we can read it better the white fades into the back ground of certain places, like maybe a bright blue? the purple color is too dark in the inventory in the hotel isn't a good color make it lighter maybe or a different color against the black background also yellow or a lighter blue is easier to read,

    I was almost to level 138 I just looked and seen my exp is down to a disappointing 45%,it has been dropped at least 50% I had at least 95%, so I'm missing a lot of my experience can you please put it back? also a lot of people are already wanting to quit because, they don't like the way we have to go to three options to open our inventory and the skills are too big to open and use along with can you put the information strip back with our skills like we had?

    pretty please???

    thanks for the game but we need help here thank you Zageria

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  • Awesome! time to get to Warlord ! :D

  • Oye, tranquilo viejo.

  • LVL 200 here we go

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