Thanksgiving with the Guild

Get ready for the next guild event! This thanksgiving week will be another guild screenshot contest!

Theme: Recreate a historic painting or well-known movie (live action or animated) scene with at least one guild member transformed as a Gobble Gobble.

Rules: You may submit up to 4 screenshots. Screenshots can be cropped. You may edit the screenshots into one image (like as a 4 panel comic). No editing in extra details like images or text. If you hide character names, you need to submit an additional screenshot with character names. Minimum 3 guild character in at least one of the submitted screenshots. No maximum. You must mention in your entry what painting or scene you recreated. You may only enter in one guild submission.

Submit your entry here: Thanksgiving with the Guild Submissions - Contest Submissions - Xen Rebirth

Entry period: 23rd - 28th 10pm

Voting period: 28th 10pm - 30th 1pm

Prize: All entries get 1 event point

One entry will be awarded "GM favorite" and receive an additional event point + 5 corn per guild member in the screenshot (prize given to the guild leader to distribute).

The entry with most votes receive an additional 1 event point + 100 boiled pumpkins (+800 hp heal) per guild member in the screenshot (prize given to the guild leader to distribute).

Learn more about event points here Top Ranking Guilds & Monthly Raffle

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Comments 7

  • Any Guild Lv req? to join o.o?

    • No. Just required you have at least 3 unique members

  • Are we able to appear in entries for more than 1 of our guilds?

    • no, I'll update that to the rules.

      Sad 1
  • Re: GM favorite. Will more than one GM be involved in this?

    • yes, I will ask the other GMs to vote for their favorite and the entry that get the most votes among the GMs get the "GM favorite" prize. I'm not sure which other GMs will vote.

    • Hopefully you can secure at least two other GMs to keep it as fair as possible.

      Like 1