Ganta's Challenge

I have created a challenge so difficult that only the best of the best players should even consider reading the rest of the event details. Gather a team of your strongest buddies & guildmates, upgrade your gear, stock up on items, and have a plan ready for your party if you want to have any hope of achieving victory. At 9pm, gather at Guild Plaza to be warped to an event map in which you must find and kill event monsters that have a chance of dropping a unique item (non-tradable). You must collect 50 of these items and find me at the end of the map to be warped to the boss room. The event room will be filled with more than just event monsters though. The room will be filled with powerful boss level monsters attempting to kill you as you try to collect items. Event monsters will continuously spawn, but boss monsters will not.

The goal is to collect enough event items to proceed to the boss room and then defeat the boss. Once the boss is defeated, the event will end, and everyone still alive in the boss room will win the prize. You have 30 minutes to complete the challenge. If the boss is not defeated in 30 minutes, no one wins.

Divine Protection of Jureahs ARE NOT ALLOWED. Anyone at guild plaza with Jureahs will be warped away. If you manage to sneak in Jureahs and use them, you'll be warped to jail. Paladins using Revival is your only hope to continue the challenge if you die.

Level 140+ only. Those under level 140 will not be allowed to enter.

20 Platinum Tokens
20 Obsidian Tokens

20 Minion Tokens

5 Ganta Lucky balls
1 ten-day Mogras Skin Helmet (86 defense, +100hp/mp, move speed +3, lvl 140+, no class restriction, can not be made permanent)

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  • when are we going to start having events for lower levels? not people 145+ >.>

    • Most past events have included low levels, like the fight for the prize event, everyone can wack a mayo. Low level exclusive events are a little harder to plan due to the significant power level difference between a new player at lvl 60 vs a high lvl alt's at lvl 60 with mounts, pearls, SC gear, etc. so its harder to balance. There will be some, but there will be more high lvl exclusive events than low lvl exclusive events.

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  • Sorry for the multiple wrong warps x_x

    I had so many numbers to keep track of.

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    • Yeah...that cost me the exact amount of time to potentially get enough tokens for the boss...sooo... ;)


      May I suggest kill-counts instead of tokens next time? This way, it incentiveses grouping up and allows everyone in the same party an even eligibility to move on as a group! :D

    • A kill counter isn't as simple and would require work from Synex. I try to make my events involve as little of Synex's time as possible, but I do ask him for small favors sometimes.

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    • Ah! Kk! That was still fun though...thanks for the event and for considering ppls suggestions! :D

  • Grats to the 23 players that got the hat! GG :)

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  • Are the mobs going to drop items other than the events items? Gears and pots and lbs, etc?

    • uhh, possibly. Not gear though

  • so, if you can't use Jureah's protection if you are killed you lose experience, right? and having Paladins using Revival is your only hope to continue the challenge if you die so, one is a must in your party :)

    • No EXP loss from dying

    • great! This should be fun!

      :) can you do more of these and do something for our new and lower-level players in the trisects maybe give them a perm item for participating like a defense Perl, bean or pet Poyo or Piggy that could be made into a mount? (After they do some little Quets) we need to beef up the game

      can i take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, I hope everyone enjoys their day tomorrow :)

  • Will these mobs grant XP? :D

  • Do not drop items or let the enemies escape when a level 200 player attacks over 140 enemies.

    Another question,

    1.If you have 8 people pt, you don't need 400 item , right?

    2. It says that it cannot be exchanged item, but GM looks at the item column of pt and it means that there are a total of 50 items, right?

    • They are level 180+ monsters.
      50 items per person to enter the boss room.

      When you pick the item up, it will go to a random party member

    • I found out that in the case of 8 people pt, 50 pieces per person, a total of 400 pieces are required, but will the items be dropped sufficiently?

      Since there is only 30 minutes of event time, I am asking if it is realistic to collect 50 pieces each for 8 people pt.

    • AOE is allowed and monsters will be spawning constantly, so collecting 50 per person should be possible.

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    • 8o

    • With the monsters being 180+ you do notice a difference in drops once you're 192+ in Despair and 194+ in Lava and going as far as no longer receiving lucky balls, enhancing materials and getting less gear drops once you hit 194 and 196 respectively. With the limit being something like 12 levels over the mobs level and they dont give you nice things any more xD That being said you can counter this by bringing the average level of the party down by inviting lower levels in, meaning you cant have all the level 192+ on the same team. Which is fine, just thought I would bring that up.

  • do not be surprised if a friend of the owner of the event wins :Q

  • can I choose to get my morgas helmet after finals week :>

    • When would that be?

    • I'm busy right now, so if get can I make it available at the end of the year or one month later?

    • I'll give the winners up to three weeks to redeem the helmet. Must redeem it on or before december 21st.

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  • awe man.. at least give server buff if they win >:(

    • One day you'll be strong enough to take on all the strongest bosses in the game. You just have to give it time and train hard!

  • Party of 8 maximum team entry?

    • Everyone will be warped in the same time to the same map. A party is strongly recommended.

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