Win a Valentine's date with a GM

A randomly chosen player will win a personal valentine's day date with one of the GMs! You'll be taken to a special romantic map of the GM's choosing to chat, exchange gifts, and surprises.

To enter, mark yourself as a participate on this calendar page.

You have until Feb. 14th 10am to enter, after that, the winners will be randomly chosen and sent a private message to set up a time and day for the date.

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  • And we have the winners! hellkissez and _Yumiko_

    Me and gummybear will send you a message soon to work out the best time for the date to take place.

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    • Congratulations you too. XD have fun breaking things with gummy

    • Congrats!!!

    • @HardGoreTabby  @MagicalXGrl , XD what kind of fate is this! they will be on a date with siblings! @_Yumiko_ xD

    • Oooh nice! Grats you 2 :3

  • Where's Redire?! >:0

    • Good question.

    • Where's the other GMs too...this will be an even harder raffle to win than last year xD

  • And what do you mean exchange gifts GMs have everything what can a player give.

    • You'll be able to think of something I'm sure

    • Pffft you giving me to much credit.

  • Good luck everyone!

    I'd like any GM but would be cool to know more about the ones not online as basically most of the other GMs sans Ganta and maybe Gummy xD

  • So if you win one with Gummy do you get to go around breaking things?

    • He would prob kill/rez you first before asking where you wanna hang out.

      Then do it again for answering cuz he's in control of location xD

    • XD that would be funny as heck

  • Pass.

    Haha 2