The Valentine's Day holiday event will last for just over 2 weeks from Feb 10th to March 1st. The event will remain largely the same as last year (last year's post). Cupid's quest is slightly modified this year.

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  • Is two weeks enough though?

    • It is for people who don't take over 2 years to reach 4th class change.

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    • I'm taking my time tyvm

    • Savage xD

    • I wouldn't be surprised if that other TablogGirl is Ganta , like look look how fast I did it .

  • Im ready! My 1st V-day event! :)

  • Is there a maintenance tomorrow then? Getting worried that nothing has been posted about that. ....

    • No maintenance. The content is already all there, Synex just needs to spawn the 2 NPCs. There will be maintenance on March 1st though ;)

    • oh. Ok


  • Oooh, what small differences are there compared to last year then? :0

    • We'll post full details tomorrow. Very minor changes, if any.

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    • Gummy broke it that's what's different

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    • That sneaky gummy!!!

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    • Cupid's quest has been modified slightly.

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    • LOVE, HEART, DNC, OUTSPARK still giving the same items from last year.

      Turning in 20 arrows gives 10 Cupid Lucky Balls instead of the 5 passion/confession chocos

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