Guild Collection Race

Race to collect as many items as you can in this event! Your guild must work together to kill as many monsters and collect their items as quicky and efficiently as possible to win! The guild that collects the most items after 15 minutes will win! The total number of items will be combined among all guild members to determine the score.

Meet at Guild Plaza at 11am to join. Everyone will be warped to an event map filled monsters that drop a unique item that must be collected. This event will be a little similar to "Ganta's Challenge" event.


1st place: 2 Guild Points, 8,000 guild exp, 40 Cupid's Arrows, 30 day Viking Helmet, and 15 guild tokens

2nd place: 1 Guild Point, 5,000 guild exp, 20 Cupid's Arrows, 2 day Viking Helmet and 10 guild tokens


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  • -=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ由 ヽ(´ Д`)人(´Д`)ノヽ(꒪ö꒪;ヽ)

    • Dowd

  • Leggo Sanc :3

  • I'll be going with Sanctuary.

  • Let's Go Sanctuary!

  • :D

  • Let's Goooooo!!! >:D

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Comments 3

  • Final score

    CnC: 186

    Sanctuary: 118

    Dynasty: 62

    Anteiku: 32

    Odyssey: 11

    AFK: 5

    Moneky: 12

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  • Are we trading this items to our guild leader for the final count? Or will you be counting what is on our toon?

    • Yes. I think the easiest way for me to count it will be everyone to trade the item to the guild leader, and then the guild leader put it in a shop for 0 kron so I can count it. I'll give everyone time to make those trades.