Hide and Seek in Towns

Same rules as usual, but this time i'll only be hiding in towns. I will be in any town from Brynhild to Dragon's Village.

The event will last for 45 minutes. The quicker I am found, the more rounds there will be.

During the event time, players will have to pay attention to the in-game announcements to get hints on where the GM is hiding.

The first 2 players to find the GM and use an emote on the GM will be the winners of the round. The winner is decided by who uses an emote on the GM first, not necessarily who finds the GM first.

Be warned, the GM might be hiding in areas of a map that no normal player usually has access to.

Quick rules:

You MUST use an emote on the GM to win.

Using a couple warp skill will disqualify both players.

You can win up to two times. Trying to bypass this rule by switching to another character may result in a ban.


30 meridian R or 10 quest items of your choice (must be an item at least 10 of are required for for a quest)

2 Mayo Mayo will spawn in Essene at the end of the event.

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