Help Patty find his charms and return them to him at Arcarinas Square in Brynhilld.


Charms can be found by killing any of the 3 leprechauns that randomly spawn in Brynhilld, Essene, Eir, Candyvault, Abundance, and Jotunnheim towns.

Charms can also be obtained through GM event spawns.


These 5 charms are needed to receive special gifts from Patty! Must collect all 5!


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Comments 4

  • Wish the lucky balls dropped in all maps :(

  • Ganta did you improve this event to be less camper oriented? or still the same where people camp spawning area lowbie has no chance get them o.o?

    would be nice if there event dungeon where everyone can do there own dungeon farm it...

    • There will be more spawn points this year.

  • Here we go again!!!! :D

    I'm not wasting/spamming my shamrock emotes this time XD