Fight for the Prize: hakama vs Kimono

A mayo and a gobble will spawn, and the pinata that is killed first determines which prize is awarded! But be warned, there may be strong monsters near them ready to attack you! It is highly encouraged that you equip a pendant to avoid losing exp from dying. More details will be given at the time of the event.

Meet at Guild Plaza to participate. Rewards will be handed out at the event map once the event concludes.

If Mayo Mayo is killed first:


If Gobble Gobble is killed first:


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  • Kimonos are the purple outfits right?! Or Kimono for male is the Blue one?

  • Kimono is cute <3

    • I like the purple one both are cute though; anyone know where were supposed to meet up?

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    • They haven't said yet i think they will say where to go when the event starts :)