Xenian PvP

It's time for another round of Xenian PvP! Due to cheating, the winner of the last xenian pvp event has been disqualified, meaning Toki remains the undefeated champion. Like last time, this will be a free-for-all, with the winner being the last person standing. There will be powerful combatants with AoE skills on each of the four corners of the arena. After 5 minutes, they will equip their weapons and use their AoE skills any time any player gets close, and as time goes on, the closer to the center they will get. Chase your opponent into a corner and the arena's combatants will take care of your opponent for you. This is inspired by the house robots from Robot Wars.


Xenian class only

Tiny HP potions are the only HP healing items allowed. If you have any other hp healing item in your inventory, you will not be allowed to enter.

Any MP potions are fine.

No running into safe zone after event starts

No Divine protection of Jureah are allowed

Participants that log out or disconnect will be teleported to the stands upon re-entering

No use of transformation potions

No use of invisibility items


1st floor City Hall for audience members

2nd floor City Hall for xenian participants

Watch the stream here

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1st place: 15 day gold medal (+100 hp/mp, +15 attack/magic, +3 movement ), 20 Ganta lucky balls, and an exclusive Xenian white tiger claw weapon


2nd place: A 15 day silver medal (+75 hp/mp, +10 attack/magic, +2 movement) and 3 Ganta lucky balls

All participants will receive 5 Passionate (+200hp for 1 hour) and Confessional (+100mp for 1 hour) chocolates.

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  • missed the last one Q.Q

    • Dowd

    • Lira

    I wanna be an aoe hazard please!

  • Sign me up as Hazard Producer mwahaha

  • Just watching or volunteering for hazard producer!

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  • Not into pvp but I don't mind watching the action :)


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  • There can't be anything more boring than a XENIAN and this type of event.