Anniversary GM Auction

As part of the celebration of the game's anniversary, we will be hosting a huge GM auction that you won't want to miss! At 11am and 9pm server time, GMs will be auctioning unique items and services. Examples of things to be auction are "Death slap any player of your choice", "GM Ganta will participate in one round of your party or boss dungeon", "One costume item of your choice", and much more! Only kron will be accepted, and you must pay for your item immediately, so be sure to have the kron on hand. For the services, they must be redeemed within a week. The GM will contact you after the auction to discuss the details.

There will be a limit of 5 items/services that can be bought per day per player.

The event will last roughly 1 hour. The number of items to be auctioned depends how many players show up and how many GMs decide to post items or services to auction.

The auction will take place at Hot spring village basement level (the building next to the blacksmith NPC in Midori Spa)

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Comments 3

  • I'll particiapte in the vagabond tier please :D

    • Imagine for an auction idea, each player can only spend 1 million Kron, then it provides pressure to either cash in on a particular item or wait.

      That 1 million is like a life source...could also be used to knock out a rival bidder by forcing the item to increase...but run the risk of getting yourself knocked out too.

      Mind games, auction style!

    • Isn't that just an auction away...

      I'm just glad it's not like kakegurui. Silent action and the auctioneer bid too ta bring up the bids higher.