Blacksmith's Generosity

The blacksmith in Brynhild is feeling especially generous on this day and is giving away xen stones! At 7pm, the blacksmith will give any living soul he sees a handful of xen stones!

太っ腹なブラック・スミスさん : 皆さんお馴染み、ブリュンヒルドのブラック・スミスさん、この日はとても気前が良く、皆さんにxen stonesを惜しみなくプレゼントしちゃいます! 日本時間の午前9時(サーバ時間午後7時)、街ゆく全ての人々に、手一杯のxen stonesを配ってくれるみたいです!

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  • Don’t be suspicious!!

    Don’t be suspicious

  • An introduction to Texas Chainsaw Murder-kun?

  • The worst event of each year, what fun....


  • so what's the plan this year guys how do we make it

  • Come on Xenians!!! We gotta...


  • I tRuSt ThE bLaCkSmItH

  • Event on April 1st.

    Those who are smart know what it really is. c: