PvP: Archers vs the World

This date has been canceled by GM_Ganta on Apr 8th 2022, 10:57 pm for the following reason: Not enough people signed on on the non-archer side. Few GM hosted PvP events in the future..

Archers and PvP, name a more iconic duo. This PvP event will put archer's dominance to the test, as they will be pitted up against every other class at the same time. On April 9th at 7:30pm, archers will group up and be thrown into an arena filled with every other class to either further demonstrate their excessive dominance in PvP, or be humiliated by the collective power of the other classes. Up to 20 archers may enter the pvp arena, and up to 10 of each other class may enter. Must be lvl 100+ to sign up (you can enter day of event if under lvl 100 and there are open spots). Event will be canceled if fewer than 5 archers sign up and 20 people total sign up.

To enter, comment your character name and class below. First come first serve. You do not have to sign up to enter, but it will guarantee you a spot if the spots for your class fill up. You must show up 5 minutes before the event start time, 7:25pm, to enter to give me time to prepare all the participants.

All archers that participate will be given a green/pink spa bucket (30 day, can be worn mix mode) they must wear to help distinguish them during the event.


You must show up at 7:25pm to be checked in and prepared for the event.

Large, medium, small, and tiny hp potions are the only healing items allowed. Please leave any other hp healing items in hotel.

Any mp potion is ok.

No running into safe zone after event starts

No reviving after dying (leave all your insignia of life in hotel)

Participants that log out or disconnect will be teleported to the stands upon re-entering

No use of transformation potions


This event will not be held in the normal Essene arena. Spectators will meet at City Hall 1st floor to be warped to the party arena stands. Participants will meet at City Hall 2nd floor.

The event will also be streamed live on my youtube channel

Esseneの Normal Arena・・・ではありません!
観客の方は City Hall の1階にお集まりください。Party Arena観客席にワープ致します。
参戦される方は City Hall の2階にお集まりください。イベントの状況はYoutubeチャンネルでライブ配信します。


Ushiwakamaru male and female outfit (AGI +3 | STA +20 | Attack +25 | Magic +25 | DEF: +5, 30 days), 10 day gold medal, and 10 Toasty Hot Spring Eggs

Prizes will be given out to all members of the winning team. The winning team is determined by who still has at least 1 member left on the field.








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  • Changing to Yuu (AL).

  • Give Bucket XD

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  • It seems silly and not fair at all, they should include more valued prizes such as the mole helmet, the suit and the medals... but I will not join until both sides receive the suit or similar.

  • The collective Scott Pilgrim as Archer versus the world


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  • LEL.

  • I will join the event on Sici level 115 wizard <3

  • Pls remove kasu16 ty.

  • Please remove Ynara , tyty

    good luck and have fun everyone :thumbup:

  • Remove my SM - Kii. Ty.

  • remove my name from event, ty

  • BubbleTea (AL)

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  • It seems to me the main point/goal of an event is to have the community interact, have fun, and grow. The draw to an event is to have something to participate in, the reward and yes, sometimes bragging rights. The action taken will vary depending on the event but I think it’s safe to assume the majority do it for the reward.

    It’s not like we can earn/collect these cool little ‘SC’ fashions by buying them (THANK GOODNESS), but feeling like the only way to obtain a specific item is to participate, and hopefully win may produce some unforeseen results.

    Case in point, this PvP event.

    This event was to poke fun at the running joke/reality that ARCHERS are OP. So let’s see just how OP the ARCHERS really are and pit them against the world. In theory it’s a cool idea, but a tricky maneuver to execute. 

    Even though a class may be ‘OP’ does not mean they are God. A few things about the event was apparent to some, as having a seemingly major disadvantage. Mainly, I think due to healers having the ability to revive anyone on their side and somewhat the number of players in a group vs the other.

    So yes, the OP Archer can pewpewpew the man down, but it doesn’t matter when the man down can dust themself off and get right back up (Revived).

    I think a good% of people thought this very thing, and picked the side with the obvious edge to get the goods. Which seems apparent looking at the initial sign up. Following that, a few people openly brought forward concerns and possible solutions.

    NOW, Ganta, you have told the community on multiple occasions to feel free to provide suggestions/feedback on events. I admire those who freely speak their mind for the purpose of progress and success. Knowing there is a small chance it might not be received the way it was intended. (I obviously lack that hence the account)

    The beauty of it all is when people show interest, it’s because they care. You care enough to take the time out of your day to provide ways to engage the community in fun ways.  The community appreciates the effort and tries to help the only way we can... COMMUNICATION.

    Providing you with different points of view is a great thing. I can only assume at times that brings its own challenges. It looked to me like everything was, in a sense, thrown out all at once and probably became overwhelming. The fact that you felt like it was best for you to just stop creating PvP events is disheartening. In the end we all have the same goal. To have an enjoyable experience.

    I noticed most of those who suggested things in favor of the OP ARCHERS weren't even archer mains. Leading me to think that the comments were more about wanting THE POINT OF THE EVENT to be the leading factor in a participants decision of their selected class and less about the prize.

    Removing the fear of missing out by picking the ‘losing side’ provides the freedom of choosing the class they want to play.  Which I assume, is what you wanted… right?

    The consensus was to make the “coveted” reward (outfit) given to all participants and the bragging +useful reward to the victors (medal). Rethinking the Healer's role, party members cannot be revived, allowing an (X) amount of Healers to join forces with (X) amount of Archers. Or even the possibility for Archers to have (X) of Jureahs. Pretty straightforward suggestions, IMO.

    The suggestions were noted and changes were made. 

    • Healers can’t revive – Fair
    • Large and below HP pots allowed – No obvious advantage/disadvantage, sounds good  
    • OP Archers get a cool headgear fashion item. –-- Wait what… Why don’t both teams get a different head piece? This, this one here made the first 2 changes (which were good) irrelevant and produced the same problem just in reverse. Why do you ask, because now there is a guaranteed unique item simply by joining team OP ARCHERS. So again, THE POINT OF THE EVENT is null. Selecting a class in which to participate in ends up having very little to do with proving/disproving the OP’ness of the arrow loose’rs.

    The changes made it apparent that the driving force behind the majority of participants was based on:

    1. The reward
    2. Which side had the overall advantage -- See #1
    3. The reveal of the unique headpiece -- See #1

    NOT to play their ‘preferred class’ to show they can beat the opponent. This is plainly apparent when you look at the actions that followed. People quickly began to switch sides and go as OP ARCHER. Why? They now wanted the other prize (bucket).

    The best suggestion in my eyes was to give EVERYONE the outfit (which was suggested/pointed out) as the participation prize and the headpiece provided past similar events purely for the purpose of making a clear distinction between teams.

    e.g horse/carrot. And looking at the reviving situation.

    I understand the possable apprehention of giving a prize to people who didnt 'earn' it like the afk'ers, but in an event like this it’s easy to spot them and just poof them out so they are not cheating the system.

    TLDR: .

    If THE POINT OF THE EVENT truly was to see who would win, OP ARCHERS vs Everyone else, the participation prize should reflect that.

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    • Quote

      OP Archers get a cool headgear fashion item. –-- Wait what… Why don’t both teams get a different head piece? This, this one here made the first 2 changes (which were good) irrelevant and produced the same problem just in reverse.

      You go on a long rant about how I need to listen to the community, and then complain when I do exactly that. "Give the archers a unique headwear item" was a suggestion by multiple people. The bucket is planned to be released this or next month to everyone anyways, and this isn't even the first event (or the last) to reward the main costume prize. This is just one event. I think it should be reasonable that one out of 50+ events per year aren't that great.
      And if you want a pvp event where there isn't a big focus on a big prize... then you or anyone else could host that event. pvp is open 24/7. I even have a sign-up thread for those that want to create their own pvp event and I award a minor prize to the winner PvP Duel Sign Ups! - PvP - Xen Rebirth

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  • Since the AL side is full and I don’t really care for the prizes, I will no longer participate so other people can sign up on the AL side.

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  • I can say after a play around in PvP last night it is possible for either side to win if you plan right. It all comes down to I'd everyone can work together and decide how they would run things .

    It would be a good idea for people on both sides to talk days before to figure out where people will stand whoo will do what. Who will stay with or on who .

    Since all classes are technically part of it's respective guilds we can just say the Archers want to take over XD . It would be fun to see if the Archers can handle us all .

    • Also thank you Ganta I know it's hard to get people to join and participate instead of Afk and also make it fair .

      You're doing your best and it's appreciated. :thumbup: <3

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  • I believe that PvP events are about getting honors, not prizes.

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  • This sentence may be funny because of the use of DeepL

    At least I decided to attend this event because I was interested, not for the prizes.

    There are many opinions, but as far as I am concerned, Ganta can do what it wants to do.

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  • Please remove my name from the list of participants.

    I initially thought this would be a cool event to participate in for FUN with a shot at a good item if I felt like competing hard. As it stands now, there has been so much confusion and controversy over this event that I'm not comfortable or willing to participate. PVP events are definitely not my normal thing because this game has never been a competition for me, it's a place to chill and hang out with friends while I progress at my own pace. As others have said, all the rule changes and inherent imbalance in the rules have really disillusioned me to this particular event.

    Having a participation prize for everyone for PVP events seems like the best solution (to me, obviously others can have other opinions, which is FINE) to increase participation/attendance in an event type that typically has low interest, aside from a few die-hards who love PVP. I wholeheartedly agree with what both Skits and Shai have already posted about this event in particular and hope that our feedback will be constructive for future events.

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  • Please remove o0SHAiRA0o

    As much as I wanted the "prize" -- this event turned out to be far more challenging than I anticipated, as Skits stated, this event is to prove the imbalance of Archers in PvP and through implementing this event -- AL mains were cornered to switch sides because of the initial construction of the rules. Non-Archers and main-Archers classes noticed how imbalanced the rules were and put forth suggestions to conciliate the losing team. However, the collective agreement was to have the "same costume" as prize for both teams and the "gold medal as the ultimate prize". I am gladden that the healing and reviving part were acted accordingly --

    Nonetheless bestowing the green/pink bucket to the archer classes gave the impression that this event has displayed a disappointing level of hypocrisy and discredit on behalf of non and main ALs.


    To Ganta,

    If you really wanted to test the capabilities of each Archer class in the game. I would gladly signed up for a fun filled day of just poking each other in PvP to differentiate the skill level of each players (non or main AL) for an experimental probability test ^^


    190+ Archer Lord

    c/o 04.05.2020

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  • Is it really that difficult to take the suggestion of the majority who agree the prize participation should be the costume, regardless of what side they will be in? The updated rules are worse than the original because now it's flipped, the non-archer side will not get anything for participating. There is no reason to go non-Archer now since signing up as an Archer has two benefits--the spa bucket AND a chance of the ultimate prize. Majority of this community don't really participate in PvP events because 1) they don't like PvP in general (which is fine) and/or 2) there is no benefit for them in participating and losing.

    If this PvP event were to follow the format of regular events you host, I am sure there will be more people participating. People join events because they WANT the participation prize, that is why other events are more popular than PvP events. This is a fact. I am honestly not sure why it is difficult to offer the costume for both sides (1st place is 30-day + gold medal and 2nd place is 7-day or something), especially if this is just going to be a fun event to prove the imbalance of Archers in PvP. People can choose whatever class they want, instead of forcing themselves to a class they didn't initially said they'll participate with. With a new costume on the line, it is no wonder people switched to Archer side immediately and filled up all the archer slots.

    Note: This is just honest and constructive feedback and is in no way attacking you as a person. As everyone said, we are very grateful for all the events you host ESPECIALLY when you're the only GM to do it. However, it is frustrating when we offer feedback people agree on but it is not taken up into consideration.

    As it is, I cannot in good faith participate in this event. Please remove my name from the list so another person can take it.

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    • I did take everything into consideration. PvP events are boring when people don't fight. People don't fight if they get the main prize they want, the costume, from just showing up. There is no change I could make in the rules in which everyone would be happy. Yesterday archers had absolutely 0 chance. Now, somehow, its all but guaranteed they win.

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    • I don't understand how you came to the conclusion that people won't fight in this PvP event if the costume was given for both sides. The PvP event would then just be purely for fun, FCFS. This is different than any other event because only a limited amount of people can participate so it is easy to spot anyone AFK on the battlefield. To prevent this, add a rule where if there is no activity seen from a player they will be warped to the stands and no participation prize will be given to them. Since this event will be recorded, it should be easy to spot anyone who stands still and revoke their prize if given. Yes it is hard to make everyone happy, but saying that Archers now have a guaranteed win just looking at the list, discourages anyone even further from participating as a non-Archer.

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    • Quote

      I don't understand how you came to the conclusion that people won't fight in this PvP event if the costume was given for both sides.

      Every event, at least ~25% of people afk camp at start point waiting for the prize, even when their participation matters like in fight for the prize events or similar.


      To prevent this, add a rule where if there is no activity seen from a player they will be warped to the stands and no participation prize will be given to them.

      And then that person complains he didn't get a prize just because the game froze, and another person complains that he took up a slot that she could have taken if not for him wasting his slot.


      discourages anyone even further from participating as a non-Archer.

      There is no cost to entry, and plenty of people have no archer alts... so, there is nothing discouraging them from entering. Even if odds of winning were just 1%, thats infinitely higher than 0%.
      I really do not see how the minor rule changes I made were enough for everyone to say archers could never possibly win 20 vs 60 to now saying they will absolutely win.

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    • It just doesn't work as a super competitive event, when most people have characters in both categories and the prize heavily favors one. That's why the main feedback was to give both groups the costume, so people aren't motivated to manipulate one side into having a clear advantage.

      It would've instead turned into a fun demonstration of how strong AL is, where people can sign up on the character they want without worrying about missing out on something like an exclusive costume. Maybe it wouldn't be quite as sweaty, but a gold medal is a nice luxury and people would have still fought for both it and for fun.

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    • At this point I would say take the exclusive costumes out of it completely if we really want a better demonstration and if giving all participants the Ushiwakamaru is out of the question.

      Give ALs a bunny head to wear and the other side the Carrot head. Have the winning side get gold medals as the one and only prize.

      It's clear the spa bucket and the Ushiwakamaru are swaying people to stack one side over the other. This is just human nature to do so.

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  • Guess i'll mention that green/pink spa bucket should be released as part of an easy quest within a few months, so it shouldn't be staying as an exclusive item for a long time. The outfits will stay event exclusive for a bit of time though, but more opportunities to get it in the future.

  • Archer slots are filled. An additional archer can still sign up as a backup in case one archer doesn't show up.

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