WEDDING DAY <3 Dororo and Drognan <3

We would like to welcome everyone to a very special wedding!

Wedding will be hosted by GM Mebae.

Today, April 2nd, Dororo and Drognan will become Xen Rebirth's newest wedded couple for life (and death) at 8:00 AM Server time.

The venue is the mysterious safe zone at top left corner in Bangle Valley.

Warps to the venue will be provided to guests in the world boss map

right after the world boss as long as they meet the level requirements for Bangle Valley.

Cakes and emotes will be provided to the guests.

Feel free to bring your choices of emotes as many as you wish!

Maybe some other surprises await 8|

Please come celebrate their special beautiful day! <3

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  • Yooo, Grats you two ! :) Cheers to more Xen adventures!


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    • This is the thing I told good old Sparks to keep hush hush ;p you’d all find out eventually! Thank you :3

  • Staying strong!!! Grats you two :D

    Our choice of emotes hmm? :3

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    • I already know what you’re bringing..

      Haha 1

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  • Congratulations Harjji and Griffynn!! Dororo and Drognan!!

    Teamworrk keeps you both surprising us all!! Happy Marriage!

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  • Grats again Harj amigo and Griff :) hope for more happy gaming memories in game!

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  • ご結婚おめでとうございます ^^

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