Its springtime, and what better way to celebrate than to have a picnic? During the next 2 weeks, cook, bake, or mix a Xen Rebirth inspired food or drink and submit photos of it to the community to win food related prizes! This is not a competition, but not every submission will receive the same reward. We'll be handing out rewards based on multiple factors such as creativity and complexity. All the prizes will be food based, ranging from 1 corn to 600 cakes of your choice. The food or drink you create may influence the prize you get. Packing the food and mailing it to me may also influence the prizes you get ;)


Must be xen rebirth related in some way, whether it be cookies cut and frosted to look like a poyo or creating a food item from in game like wormwood cake.

Must be baked, cooked, or mixed. You can't just submit a photo of a raw potato.

Submit at least 3 photos of your food or drink. Minimum 2 photos of the cooking/mixing process and 1 of the finished product. Don't want anyone buying store bought food and passing it off as their own cooking ;)

Submit your food here

Spring Picnic submissions - Events - Xen Rebirth

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  • Would drinks count? I think punches or alcoholic drinks would be fun too.

    • Yes, I thought about that but forgot to mention it. There are slushies, juice, and spirits in game.