A long overdue promise, but the time to fulfill it is here

A Gummy certified xen madness!

SharpEN your weapons, mark the date, call your friends and prepare for a little bit of chaos... The xen stones hunt shall begin~

Description: On the date of the event the hosting GM will make announcements to let players gather and prepare to venture into a map specifically prepared for the purpose of this event. Said map will not have any death penalty and all monsters killed will have an increased chance for xen stones! Make sure to follow the instructions given.

Players will be called and teleported at different times based on the character's level.

The teleport order and character lvl ranges for each tier is as follows:

1st Teleport (@19:05, items will be distributed at 19:00 )

LVL 1-15 (First batch) (Duration: 10 minutes)

2nd Teleport (@19:35, items will be distributed at 19:30)

LVL 51-74 (Second batch) (Duration: 15 minutes)

LVL 75-95 (Second batch) (Duration: 15 minutes)

3rd Teleport (@ 20:25, items will be distributed at 20:20)

LVL 96-115 (Third batch) (20 minutes)

LVL 116-140 (Third batch) (20 minutes)

4th Teleport (@ 21:25, items will be distributed at 21:20

LVL 141-160 (Fourth batch) (25 minutes)
LVL 161+ (Fourth batch) (25 minutes)

Before teleport to the event area begins the hosting GM will give the following items to help you during your quest for richness:

1. 15 Divine protection of Jureah

2. 100 Medium MP potions

3. 1 Max Hp/Mp chocolate

4. 3 Fantastic Christmas cakes

At the end of each session all participant players will be teleported to a single map and a 10 minutes "challenge" will take place. Beat the boss monsters in time to unlock an extra final reward that will be handed out at 22:00!

Cumulative challenge prizes:

1 complete = head towel 15 Days,

2 complete = head towel permanent,

3 complete = head towel permanent, body towel 15 days,

4 complete = both head and body towel permanent.

Lastly, the event start time has been updated to also fit our japanese players. Please don't kill me.

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  • rip </3 EU


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  • I’m digging this event time schedule. I think it works best for most people. I managed to joined 2 tiers even on my work day. TY.

  • Thank you for the event Gummy! Next time could you please make it shorter, we need to lose less sleep here in EU :)

    • nah bro, I can go on all night even when i have to work at 5 am. i definitely sacrifice a day of sleep for 100+ xens.

  • Thank you for organizing and hosting this, Gummy! It was really fun to have a xen madness like this!

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  • Thanks for the event Gummy!!! That was fun :)



  • Time doesn’t work for NA people zzz

    • Im an NA player and I'll be there . So works for some of us since I know some more who are doing event as well.

  • Hey GumBear any special about the Head and Body Towel? 8|

    • Nothing,

      You just get an extra towel without having to do the respective spa quest again on a different character

  • Wait...so, players levels 16-50 aren't able to particpate in this event? :0

    • :0 such a huge gap!

    • That is correct!

      Balancing monsters for new and veteran players in this range is a nightmare so the tier just poofed!

      Thanks 1
  • Is this event going to be single-target kills, like in Four Seasons Dungeon? I hope so.

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  • LF> Tiers and timetables days before the event pls.

    • Are they rly that important? can't i wing it as i go?

    • Yes they're important and no you can't wing it >:C

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  • so how does one get on the list to participate?

  • My Xens 😍😍

    Haha 2