Easter is around the corner and kids around the world will be looking for eggs hidden by the easter bunny.

Lucky for us, the easter bunny decided to drop a ton of eggs into our server and it will be up to you all to find them. Who will be the best? Let the egg hunt begin!

From April 11th until April 25th different eggs can be found around the land of xen, some hidden in the corners while other may be found in the middle of the road. Eggs can be found in all maps containing monsters in all channels except for most dungeons.

Gather them all and bring them to the Easter Bunny NPC to turn them in... and to see how the egg hunt of your fellow xenians is going!

The NPC will give you 4 options to pick from!

1. Turn in Eggs: Hand over your eggs to register your progress on the new leader boards! We know some are competitive, while others might want to help their friends. Because of this, we give you the option to hand over all the items in your inventory... or only enough to unlock your rewards to keep your leftovers for someone else.

2 and 3 Egg Hunt Leaderboard: Here you can see the top players. When the event ends the top 10 accounts (not characters) of each leaderboard will be eligible to get a pair of Fairy Wings!

Clarification on this - The reward for placing top 10 is per account, per leaderboard. This means that if you're rank #5 for the Egg Hunt and rank #7 for the Golden Egg leader boards, you will receive 2 pairs of Fairy Wings.

While we won't promise they will stay as exclusive items, you will be able to own them and show them off before anyone else until the day they make it into the game as content.

The Wings will be given about a week after the event.

4. Claim Rewards: The more eggs you find and turn in, the more rewards you will be able to redeem from the Easter Bunny NPC!

Alongside with this event, the Easter Lucky Ball and the Spring Lucky Ball will take the spot for the seasonal lucky ball drop!

May the best egg hunter win!

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