Guild PvP: The Last

The final guild PvP event of the decade (or at least until pvp gets revamped or something I guess). This will be a 1 guild vs 1 guild pvp event. No limit to number of guild members per team. Each match will be best 2 out of 3. Two guilds will be randomly matched up, with the winning team going to the next round. This event is sign up only. To sign up, you must comment below your guild's name. Must register before 8pm the day of the event.


This event is sign up only. To sign up, comment below your guild name.

Tiny HP potions are the only HP healing items allowed. If you have any other hp healing item in your inventory, you will not be allowed to enter.

Any size mp potion is fine.

No running into safe zone after event starts

No Divine Protection of Jureah are allowed, BUT, revives from healers are fine

Participants that log out or disconnect will be teleported to the stands upon re-entering

No use of transformation potions


This event will not be held in the normal Essene arena. Spectators will meet at City Hall 1st floor to be warped to the party arena stands. Participants will meet at City Hall 2nd floor.


The 2nd place guild will receive six lvl 3 guild exp scrolls (3000 exp total), 1 event point, 3 race lotteries, and 1 10-day silver medal

The 1st place guild will receive eight lvl 3 guild exp scrolls (4000 exp total), 1 pvp victory point, 1 event point, 5 race lotteries, 1 10-day gold medals, and 1 10-day Fox's Craftiness accessory (+1 POW, +5 INT, +1 AGI, +3 WIS, +30 HP, +80 MP, +25 Magic Attack, +10 Defense)


Kuki Kumas

Chaos n Carnage


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The closing date for this event has passed.

  • GREAT guill gdb chiapas aun que soy el unico =(

  • ( ◞•̀д•́)◞vs◟(•̀д•́◟ )

  • Obvio microbio y aquí ganara el AL.

  • Chaos n Carnage will be participating!

    • Lira

    • mae

    Kuki Kumas would like to join!

  • Yayeah

    • WarZ


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  • Sanctuary is withdrawing from the event due to lack of guild members able to join.

    Sad 4
  • The event won't be live streamed by me, sorry. If someone else would like to live stream it, I can post the link to it here.

  • With only 3 guilds entering so far will 1 guild get a by and be guaranteed 2nd place? Or will each guild face each other and the team with most wins take the crown? If this results in a tie would they face each other for second? 🤔

    • If its 3 guilds, then it will be
      A vs B
      A vs C

      B vs C

      and then the 2 guilds with most wins face each other for a final match.

      If its 4 guilds, it will be (picked at random)
      A vs B
      C vs D
      C vs B
      A vs D
      and then the 2 guilds with most wins move into final round. If there is a tie, then the 2 guilds break the tie and then go to final round.

      Thanks 1
    • If its 4 guilds, it will be (picked at random)

      A vs B

      C vs D

      C vs B

      A vs D

      and then the 2 guilds with most wins move into final round. If there is a tie, then the 2 guilds break the tie and then go to final round.

      I notice for the 4 guilds, A vs C and D vs B will not face each other?

    • That's how 4 bracket tournaments go @Shai

    • Thanksies @Tatsi ....was confuzzled for a second since I read base on most win points 🤪🤪 #nabmoment

  • Questions!!!!!

    *will this be in the guild PvP arena so guild mates can't attack each other?

    *Will we be starting in the waiting room a or the field .

    *Is there gonna be a count down to start and is there a way to make sure no one from either side go invis and sneak over to the other side before it starts to take out healers?

    Something know happened in og XD so just asking.

    • I don't think the different arenas are actually programmed to be different? I'll double check that though.

      same as the other pvp events; in the safe zone until you are called in.


    • Ok just making sure 😊.

      Would love if we have the other arena settings would make this easier.

    • And anyway to make sure no one invis sneaks to opposite before the count down .

      I know it happened in og once.

  • Sanctuary will be entering

  • Is the Fox accessory able to be made permanent?

  • and no joining on more then 1 name right . (So like no switching to go to alt guild of next a different round)

    • Right, but thats in the site rules list, #18


      You may not enter an event with a limited prize pool using multiple characters or accounts (e.g. Entering a pvp, guild, or trivia event with multiple characters). Any active attempt to claim multiple reward tiers and locking out other players or groups in an event using alts or collaboration isn't allowed.

    • Just making sure :)

    • That doesn't just go for using muti client , like switching names on same account as well. For those that think it just goes for people using muti client.