Boss Trials 4

Boss Trials are back! Gather in Guild Plaza and fight bosses together as fast as possible for big prizes! For the 4th edition of the boss trials, there will be 4 boss rooms. Each room will have 1 boss monster and 100 additional monsters to defend the boss. Players will advance to the next boss room as soon as the boss is killed. The other monsters do not need to be killed, only the boss does to advance.
The more players that join, the faster the bosses will be killed, and more prizes that will be awarded! The timer will begin the moment that warps begin. If you die, you will be revived upon warp to the next room.


Here is a sneak peak of the bosses and minions!

If the rooms are cleared of bosses in less than:

25 minutes - 50 boiled pumpkins (+800 hp heal)

20 minutes - Pun mask (30 day, +50hp/mp and +15 def)

17 minutes - 10 butter & grizzly claws

15 minutes - White Cat Mask (30 days, +12 AGI and +5 def)

13 minutes - 2 stat reset cards

10 minutes - 5 race lotteries

5 minutes - 5 xen stones

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  • Nice event, I wonder if you will lose exp if you die during the event or is this like WBs?

  • ฅ^⇀ﻌ↼^ฅ

    • K9X9


    • Lira

    I nominate Mewshix as director on what to target first!

  • OwO

  • I'm on it

  • I can join if Linyue pings me nonstop.

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  • Darn I will be enjoying my week long vacation out of state!

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  • Congrats on finishing the event in 14 minutes and 40 seconds! The event couldn't have went more smoothly (well, aside from a few disconnects). I'll be uploading a behind the scenes video of the event to my ko-fi page this weekend to my supporters.

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  • thank you for the event these ones are fun even with lagg and DC. Everyone working together :) . Awesome job :thumbup: next one can we have a GM as final Boss.

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  • exp loss ? Yes or no?

    • read the comment below D:<

    • Well that means your looking at both exploss maps and none exp loss maps.

      I figured the awesome Ganta would of figured out to use an exp loss map make it harder ;)

    • Make us suffer >)

  • Maps and monsters not finalized yet. It will be in a day or two. I'll update with those extra details by end of week.