Gummy's chaotic Bingo-Lottery!

Gummy [A.K.A. me] has been sad because of the lack of chaos in the land of xen.

Thankfully, i am a fan of both, chaos and RNG so what a better way to enjoy RNG than with an RNG event with RNG prizes!

Hereby you all are invited to participate of this event with me where you may win big or waste your time.


The base of this event is a series of mini events and a BINGO board (to be shared later). The goal will be the same as with any BINGO board, simply complete a BINGO line to win a big juicy prize!.

Bingo board:

Except everyone shares the same board so how will this work?

The dynamic will be as follow:

1. Everyone should be ready to follow GM instructions at the time the event start. This includes having the shared BINGO board at hand.

Lets use this super artistic board as an example:

2. During the event a total 5 mini events will be hosted from which 3 winners will be selected each time.

3. Before a mini event start, 3 numbers on the BINGO board will be selected to be claimed by the winners. For the first round, the hosting GM will pick the 3 numbers, for the following rounds the winners of the previous mini event will pick 1 number each. Based on the example lets imagine numbers 6,50 and 12 are selected.

4. With the numbers selected the mini game will start and once 3 winners are selected they will pick a number in order based on the place they achieved in the mini game. In this case the 1st place can pick either the 6, the 12 of the 50 whle the 3rd place will take whichever number was not picked previously.

An this is where the lottery kicks in!

5. Every number not only represents a position in the BINGO board, but also has an associated Mystery prize based on a lottery. Once a number is picked, the hosting GM will reveal which prize that number will get!

Lottery prizes variety is large: trackers, GM lucky balls, xen stones, up to a pair of robo wings of the player's choice! maybe straying from the BINGO goal will result in unexpected riches?

6. After repeating this cycle of mini games/winners there will be a point in which a BINGO line is about to be finished! (look at the following example, where yellow numbers are the ones to be claimed and green are the previously claimed prizes):

In this case when a winner selects that last number to complete a line (number 2 in this example) they will get both their number prize and an additional BINGO prize associated to the finished line. If the BINGO line uses the free central slot (like number 99 in this case) the player will claim their number prize, their bingo line prize AND an extra prize from using the free central slot.

Bingo line prizes are in general better than the lottery prizes... So plan your wins accordingly

Note: Of all the prizes only the one from the free slot will be made public by the time the event starts. Both numbers/lottery and BINGO line prizes will remain hidden to all players.

7. The event ends after all 5 mini events are finished independent of the state of the BINGO board (board doesn't reset and more than 1 BINGO line can be claimed by the event's end).

When the event ends, i will post the full distribution of prizes for completed lines and for each number.

A participation prize in the form of 10 GM lucky balls of my choice will be given.

Are you ready to take the risk?


Here is the full list of prizes that were available this round!

have fun

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  • I'll try to be there unless laptop being on tantrum


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Comments 11

  • Great especially the old school hide and seek in maze. ( find the monkey)

  • Was a nice time, got a cool hat, who could ask for more.

  • Great playing need to not continue with the same players make it challenging, that everyone gets to play. It was a joy hanging with you and awesome event.

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • lets go can't wait

    • Will any of these mini events include us slapping another GM? Because that is asking for trouble and fits the theme.

  • will there be chaos and game breaking?

  • I am confused about ... Gummys Handwriting ;3~

    Haha 2
    • Looks like mine when I would take inventory in the freezer at work with my phone and stylist .

      Haha 1
    • I did my best ok?

      Haha 3
    • And we love you for it . That being said it wouldn't be any fun if we didn't give the GM of Chaos a bit of a hard time . 8o <3

  • If any of you have any extrra questions ask before the event... I won't go through this during the event because confusion