High Heat Relay Race

The temperature lately has been hot! Its so hot, the ground around me is literally on fire! All this heat is making my sheep thirsty, so in this event, you and your team will work together in delivering them water! Because it is so hot, the water will reach very high temperatures and become too hot to handle for too long. You will need to team up with 2 other players (for a total of 3 in the party) in this relay race to deliver water to me and my sheep. We need a lot of water bottles though! Each team will be given 5,000 water bottles, so movement will be slow! The 3 members of each team will be warped to 3 different points of the maps. The 2nd and 3rd members won't be allowed to move until they are handed the water bottles from their previous teammates. The 3 teammates should be in a party so each member can drag and drop the item onto the other teammate. The winning team will be decided by who can reach the altar first and trade me the 5,000 water bottles. Everyone who reaches the center of the altar within 2 minutes after the first person will be awarded a participation prize.

But wait, there is more!

The event will be livestreamed, and during the event, there will be a shop open in brynhild selling 4 items:

Each item represents a different way you can sabotage the players! Each time one of the items is purchased during the event, the related action will happen:

Corn: Slap first place player once

Fairy Powder: Spawn 1 aggro poyo

Grizzly Claw: Spawn 2 aggro Cobaltron

Butter: Spawn aggro gold treasure chest

The event is sign up only!

Please comment below your team members to enter. Sign up ends 15 minutes before the event starts.


Decide who will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd member of your team and have the 1st person stand next to the Igloo House in Guild Plaza, 2nd person stand next to Mushroom House, and 3rd person next to Cake House. Each player will be warped to their starting location.


  • 1st team members will be given the water bottles and can not start until I say GO.
  • 2nd and 3rd team members can not leave more than a few steps from their area until they receive the water bottles from their teammate.
  • Weight can sometimes glitch, allowing you to run fast while overweight. Do not abuse this. If weight is not applied correctly, quickly go to character select screen and come back. Abusing the weight bug will disqualify you from the event.
  • The winner is determined by who trades me the water bottles at the altar first.


1st place: One 30-day +8/6ap shoes (not tradable) of each team member's choice and 5 fairy powder

Finish within 2 minutes of 1st place: 5 fairy powder

All participants receive 2 Ganta lucky balls


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  • LF>Event that required the water bottle we received in the New Years Eve event at the end of 2020 >:

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