Aratos the Psychic is sensing a disturbing presence west of Essene. Something bad is going to happen.

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It looks like Rokusan uncovered Alastor's return and his plot to destroy Xen! Reading through the document Alastor dropped behind, it appears that he kidnapped Synex and took him to a location we are unable to access. In addition, his most powerful minions, Blackhearts, have started to spawn in random maps every hour. Be careful when approaching them, they have very strong attacks and high hp! You may want to consider wearing a pendant.

These monsters may be the key in saving Synex. If the community can find and kill these powerful monsters, they will drop "Quartz with lost light". If 20 of these Quartz are gathered together in Brolly Basin, a portal will be created, allowing us to teleport to Alastor's location! When someone finds a Quartz, deliver it to a GM as soon as you see one online. Once we have 20 Quartz, I will give a few hours notice for us all to gather in Brolly Basin to teleport to Alastor's hideout and save Synex! The Calendar "end date" is not final and will be updated once the Quartz have been collected.

Quartz collected: 20/20

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Comments 3

  • we must save princess Synex . Its legend of super Synex bros. This time the princess won't be in the next castle.

    Haha 2
    • im with u !

    • We're gonna have to go through at least 7 to 8 castles to find Synex!!!

      Then after...Synex will bake us all a cake!

      Sad 1 Haha 1