Now that guild event points reset monthly, we'll start new monthly events! Starting with: Summer Harvest.

Collect and store as many fruits and vegetables into guild storage as possible.

The guild with the most fruits and vegetables (raw, unprocessed foods) in their guild storage by the end date will be awarded 5 guild points and 6,000 guild exp. 2nd place will receive 3 guild points and 4,000 guild exp. 3rd place receives 2 guild points and 3,000 guild exp.

Every guild with at least 600 fruits and vegetables will receive 1 guild point. If 30 of the 600+ foods are unique, the guild will receive an additional point.

The items need to stay in guild storage during the entire event. No taking screenshots, and then transferring all the items to a 2nd guild to also take screenshots. Working with other guilds is not allowed.

Submit your entry in the thread linked below with screenshots of all your guild storage. End date is August 16th 5pm.

Summer Harvest Entries - Events - Xen Rebirth

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  • I ate all of my fruits and vegetables :0. I've been told that's the right thing to do.... >:(

    Haha 3
  • So does this mean any fruits or items I have in my guild bank now don't count ??

    • It counts. Whatever is in guild storage on August 16th is what counts.

  • What are the unique foods🤔