Saving Synex from Alastor

A continuation from Alastor's Return - Xen Rebirth

I estimate we will have enough Quartz by 11am August 7th. If we don't, the event will be delayed by an hour until enough are collected and given to Ganta.

Meet at Brolly Basin at the event time to be warp to the map containing Synex and Alastor. There will be powerful monsters protecting them, but if we defeat them, Synex will be saved!

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  • This was such as well done event. Thank you so much for the potato, it was such a great help!

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  • so "given to Ganta" does that mean if a Squish bear doesn't pass them on to said Ganta does that mean more delay.....

    Gummy is the GM of Chaos that makes sense...