Hide and Seek: Map edition 12pm

In this edition, I will be streaming the mini map and music of the map I am hiding in, like below. The link to the stream will be added to this page once the event begins. I will announce when I am found and when the next round begins. There will be a total of 6 rounds.

The first 2 players to find me and use an emote on me will be the winners of the round. The winner is decided by who uses an emote on me first, not necessarily who finds me first.

Quick rules:

You MUST use an emote on the GM to win.

Using a couple warp skill will disqualify both players.

You can win up to two times per day. Trying to bypass this rule by switching to another character may result in a ban.


+2/6ap gear of your choice


3 unenhanced pearls of your choice

A 7th round will be held at 12:45pm in which everyone who finds me wins a special prize.


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