Autumn in Xen

Celebrate the arrival of Autumn in Xen!

Starting on September 23rd 11am and ending at 11pm, monsters in Alicia Forest and Mardigras Valley will have a chance of dropping Fall Signs.

At the start and end of the event, from 11am to 11:30am and 10:30pm to 11pm, there will be a warp to a special event map with lvl 181+ monster with a high fall sign drop rate. Meet at the pumpkin patch in Abundance at 11am and 10:30pm for warp to the map. Spawns will last for 30 minutes each round.

TOT pumpkins will also spawn throughout the day in Abundance.

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  • When you said lvl 181+ mobs, what is the level requirement to warp to the map?

    • None

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    • Guess i'll also mention they won't all be strong. Some will have low hp and attack.

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