GM Guild Emblem Design Contest

Between now and September 28th 11pm, we are accepting entries for designs of a new GM guild emblem!

Submit your entries here: GM Guild Emblem Design Contest - Contest Submissions - Xen Rebirth


Must be at least loosely themed to the Autumn/Fall season

The image needs to be formatted correctly for upload as a guild image

Up to 2 entries per person. One post per entry.


Most voted entry: 8 Race lotteries and 10 GM lucky balls of your choice (you can mix and match, such has 2 ganta and 8 synex)

GM Picks: 8 GM lucky balls of your choice (up to 2 winners that aren't the top voted)

Voting begins September 28th 11pm and ends September 30th 11am (36 hours). The entry with the most votes will be chosen as the emblem for the GM guild for the entirety of October. After that, we may still keep it or switch it to a different emblem that was submitted.

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  • Let's Goooooo!!!! >:D

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  • I can't wait to see everything.

    • LF one of Gummybear face for a spooky Halloween theme. 8o jk jk jk ...... or am I

      Haha 1
  • Also when submitting, is it okay post both a larger version i.e. 5 by 5 png file, and it's smaller counterpart side by side?

    This is to compare how the images look as is, and how it'll actually look as an in-game emblem. There is a BIG difference in aesthetics and I strongly enourage viewing both small and large versions. :)

    Something to really consider :D

    • Dats True Just post both in case ;O

  • Can we submit more than one? And if yes; should they be separate submitted posts?

    • I guess I don't see a problem with that. I'll allow up to 2 submissions. make them separate posts.

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    • Ooh neato :)

  • Files Types (.gif can work though .tga works best) and Sizes (16x16 or 32x32 works) if anyone new to emblems wants to give it a shot.

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    • Guess I'll add; If you want to use an existing image, but scale it down, use the "nearest neighbor" scaling method.

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    • Thanks for the reminder Tatsi! :)

  • Okay, so from my understanding...every participant will be given set prize, but the one that gets the most votes will ALSO get their emblem used?

    • oh right, thanks. I knew I forgot to add something but couldn't remember what. Updated.

    • Ah! There we go! :D