Who Wants to Be a Billionaire? Guild Edition

Welcome to Xen's newest game show: Who wants to be a billionaire? In this edition, guilds will be entering together, with a chosen guild representative, to answer quiz questions about Xen. Questions will range from facts about game data to the history of other versions of xen/solstice/xenepic.

One player from the guild will come onto the livestream on voice (and optionally video) chat to participate. The player will be able to work together with other guild members in answering each question. This will be mostly standard "who wants to be a millionaire" rules. 1 guild at a time. Maximum 5 guilds may enter during this time slot. First come first serve. To enter, comment below with the name of the guild you will be representing and what time between 11am and 11pm you'd like to join. The deadline to enter is September 24th 11am.

Guilds that entered last month may enter again but must pay a 15m kron fee. Guilds that have not entered yet may enter for free.

The way prizes work is; You can choose to walk away and win the prize of the highest value question you got right (If you get to question 7 and choose to walk away, you will win 40 corn). If you do not choose to walk away and you get an answer wrong, you will win the reward of the highest value question you got right with a kron reward (If you get to question 7 and answer incorrectly, you will win 1,000,000 kron).

Question NumberQuestion RewardEstimated Value
15 soul stone fragments100,000
220 Juice200,000
3500 cutesy potions300,000
410 yellow watermelons500,000
51,000,000 kron1,000,000
640 corns2,000,000
725 sirius stars4,000,000
850 equisibles8,000,000
940 silkions16,000,000
1032,000,000 kron + 1 Guild Point32,000,000
11245 butter64,000,000
1240 xen stones125,000,000
1390 unenhanced AGI pearls
14155 xen stones500,000,000
151,000,000,000 kron1,000,000,000


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  • oh wops forgot the Entry deadliness .. guess nxt time then :O

    • If you want to sign up we can do it next week or something. I just need a day or two to create the questions

  • Entries closing in 1.5 hours

  • Repping for Sanctuary and claiming the 11 AM ST slot please! :)

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