Altar of Execution

In the depths deep below the Library is the Altar of Lava, where a terrifying monster has emerged; Bloody Executioner. But not just one, dozens have emerged! It found an energy source that has allowed it to duplicate itself. We must find the energy source and destroy it, but it is hidden. To find it, we must gather 20 "Cursed Hitrion" that drop when a Bloody Executioner or its minions are killed. When you find one, bring it to me at the Altar. Once 20 are collected and traded to me, we can reveal the energy source and destroy it.

This event is for players level 70 and below.

Players gather at guild plaza to be warped to the event map. Find and kill bloody executioners and bring me the cursed hitrion. If you all succeed, you'll be rewarded with a big bundle of halloween candy and gear.

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  • I'm guessing we gain xp...but can we also lose xp in given location? :0