[Halloween] Pumpkin Patch Terror!


Halloween is just around the corner! As we move into the most spooky holiday of the year, players from all over will be decorating, carving their pumpkins into terrifying (or sweet) designs, dressing up, and going trick-or-treating for candy!


Our local pumpkin suppliers, Farmer Lon and lazy Farmer Rolph of Abundance Village, sent word that various monsters have come and ravaged their pumpkin patch! The damage inflicted has left the farmers fearful that they will not have enough pumpkins for the entire Halloween season!

From October 15th to October 31st, you will find Pumpkin Head Chuck located in Rambino's Basement Storage* in Candyvault. From there, he will guide you to where the horde of monsters are hiding with their stolen goods. Slay these monsters and return the pumpkins to Pumpkin Head Chuck for a variety of rewards to choose from!

(*Rambino's Basement Storage is hidden behind the Candyvault Inn.)

The solo/single target map has a higher drop rate than the AoE map!

Here is a preview of some of the items that you can obtain for your efforts in restoring the farmers' inventory levels before the season ends!

Alongside this brand new event, the annual Halloween login event will be running from October 19th through October 31st!

The seasonal inspired lucky ball drops have also been changed to the Pumpkin Lucky Ball and the Skull Lucky Ball!

Happy haunting and witching everyone a spooktacular Halloween this year!

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  • Thank you for this event ! It's lovely.... but tiring when you have more than one account :D

    Enjoyed it regardless :3

  • Event may last an extra day or two, and for those who have asked, yes, the NPC will be relocated to City Hall floor 2 after the event, so you will still be able to turn in items for rewards.