Smashing Galore

Hello xenians!

We got an urgent request to help with a somewhat unexpected issue. Apparently while everyone was busy helping Pumpkin head Chuck control the hordes of monsters taking over the pumpkin patches some of their energy got into a large portion of pumpkins bringing them to life!

These crafty/tasty beings decided to hide away to make sure they survive, only they know whether it is to cause trouble in the future or if the want to wait until their delicious selves rot away in peace. Luckily, an NPC spotted their hideout and reported it for us to handle it... Along with a letter requesting for vacations. With this NPC gone it is now in our hands to take care of these pumpkins.

Objective: Smash the pumpkins into nothingness

Requirements: Be level 30 or lower. Beware of leveling up too much, as the pumpkins might run away

Rewards: Besides the joy of enforcing/promoting violence? These pumpkins are one of a kind, after experimenting with them a bit i found out they may drop rare items. Which ones? I DON'T KNOW! it changes every 10 minutes.

Location: Guild Plaza.

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