Guild Practice Poyo

Its training time for your guild! How strong is your guild? Find out by killing the practice poyo in Essene or Eir as fast as you can. The guilds with the fastest time will win the biggest prizes

You may enter with multiple guilds, but you must use a different character for different guild.

At least one person in the guild must record it and post on a video sharing website (google drive or drop box download preferred, but youtube or another site is acceptable too). The timer starts as soon as the first attack lands and stops when the last attack lands.

Your guild can enter as many times as they wish. If you get a better time, you can submit a new entry.

Post the video in the comment section on this page or on the guild ranking thread Top Ranking Guilds & Monthly Raffle


1st - 7 guild points, 7000 guild exp, and 1 Clothes or Face item of the guild's choice (excluding dragon slayer). The 1 costume picked will go to every member in the guild.

2nd - 5 guild points, 5000 guild exp, and 100 fairy powder to the guild leader.

Every guild that gets within 10% of the time of 2nd place will receive 3 guild points and 3000 guild exp.

Every other guild will receive 1 guild point.


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  • Would Howling as the first skill used on the Poyo count as an "attack"? Technically it is a debuff and does no damage but we just wanted to make sure.

    • hmm, I think it counts as an attack. Otherwise, missing with skills like poison blow wouldn't count either, since only the debuff would apply.

      Thanks 1
  • PRIZE will go to every member of the guild means to those who aren't in the video too as long as they are in the guild?

  • ANY costume item?

  • Hasn't Poyo suffered enough? ;(

    • Poor Poyo ...

      Sad 1
    • hello

      I have a question.

      There are big guilds and small guilds

      Of course, the more people you have, the better it is to defeat Poyo.

      In this case, is there no limit to the number of people subjugated?

      Is it OK for 3 people or 15 people?

    • No limit