Race to Midori Spa

This date has been canceled by GM_Ganta on Nov 27th 2022, 10:04 am for the following reason: not enough participants. Event postponed to next month..

Much like Level Up Race - Xen Rebirth this will be an event for streamers. Join me in this streaming event and see if you can beat a GM in this race to Midori Spa!

This event is simple; Create an Xenian, and be the first to reach Midori Spa. To join, list your youtube or twitch stream url on the comments below at least 30 minutes before the start of the event. The event will start at 11am and last until 3 people reach Midori Spa. Participants must be streaming the entire time.


  • Streamers may not obtain any items through means other than from a monster they killed, quest, skill book merchant, or general merchant. This means no trading with other players, no buying from auction house, no taking items from hotel, no taking items from the gift box, etc.
  • You may not party with other players
  • You must stream during the entire event. If your stream freezes for more than a minute, you may be disqualified.
  • All the regular rules of the game apply during the event, most notably, the rules against mob dropping and holding mobs. Interfering in the event by holding or dropping mobs is against rule 13.


Perm costume of your choice (excluding wings and dragon suit), OR +7/6ap gear of your choice, OR +1 to any 1 of your gears.

Only 1 of 3 can be chosen. 1st place gets first pick, 2nd place gets 2nd pick, and 3rd place gets what is left.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will also receive a 15-day gold, silver, and bronze medal respectively.

4th+: 3 Mystic Snowflakes

*Note: If GM Ganta finishes in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, then only 2 players will be able to pick a top prize.



Undecided Participants

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  • Out of town :(

  • Work

  • Won't be home :p

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  • I will postpone the event if it looks like most streamers won't be able to enter. If 2 people don't enter within 30 min, will postpone the event and have some other mini event instead.

  • I've never stream in my life but I'll try just to have some fun :D

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  • if only my laptop would let me stream i know how to do this . XD

  • So, just to be clear...these are lvl 1 Xenians?

    And starting at Brynhild I'm guessing?

    And if Jureahs rezzes aren't allowed...this is gonna be a tough journey!

    • everyone will start in the beginning room. Don't leave the room you start in as an xenian until evet begins.

      jureahs are allowed if you can get them.

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