Level 200 Farmer's Paradise

This Farmer's Paradise event is exclusive to level 200 players. Level 200 players will be warped to an event map filled with level 200 monsters that drop various quest items. Every 5 to 10 minutes, a different quest item will begin dropping from the monsters in the map. Some of the quest items to drop include Butter, Fairy Powder, Grizzly Claws, and Tiger's Breath.

The event has an entry fee of 1 wisp ticket. To join, meet in Guild Plaza at 7pm with 1 wisp ticket, and you'll be warped to the event map.

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  • they obviously don't care if we can't play past leveling past Altar 186 capI for one don't want to have my Caricature that took me over a year to get up to higher level and then have nothing for her to do but grind? , the ones that made it to 200 must have had help, we have been asking them to raise the top on Altar to over 200 or creating a Dungeon for players that have leveled out for over a year, they are not going too right? they don't return items that disappear either, sadly :( I wonder why they are not listening?

    • Red Mines dungeons will be improved this month, making it much easier to grind at lvl 186+

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    • that's nice for level 200 people but that doesn't help us, what level does the Red Mine go too? I hope your right I hate grinding at the higher levels, can't we get a higher level in Altar where there's people to play with? it's hard to get into the level 200 Clicks to play, why are our Shadow Masters so weak? I tried to level my gear had it to +5 it failed and dropped to +2, really what's up with that? then I tried to get it back to +3 and wouldn't level up it's still +2 , our gear has never dropped to +2 after making it to +3 it shouldn't drop to level 2 ever, why is that happening why doesn't any one fix the drop rates why not take it off dropping of our gears after we get it to another level? were loosing our Xens when we hardly get any to begin with and Hypermills are just about non existent for some and yet other people have a up too a Hundred and we can't get one? our Defense sucks it's too low to play without getting killed off, the higher my level the weaker my Caricature becomes no matter what i do, then I try to get better gear and the dang Blacksmith in both places is set to drop them like a rock? I'm sorry, I know this is not your fault i'm venting, because, i'm so dang frustrated, i had my Black Attack wings disappear, i didn't sell them or drop them, no one gave them back then, I just permed my Ghost Suit , I had 3 so I went to exchange the other two and boom it took my Permed Suit no warning at all just took it when it shouldn't take it at all! I know i didn't place it there i checked it 4 dang times and no one gave it back? why not? it's like oh well bad luck? so disappointing I love this game but I don't know how much more I can overlook too play, can we please get fixed people are having a hard time getting on the game some quit trying there has to be a way to fix the issues were all looking forward to it

  • I wish it was from lvl 187 to 200... Once everyone levels out of altar it gets harder to aoe or look for party to level up. Good luck everyone for is level 200.

    • I would like to know how many level 200 players are still on the game that they keep inviting?

  • oh them tiger's breath nice, :thumbup: GL to these farmers