Farmer's Paradise

Grab that farmer alt and get ready to grind for PQ items! On this day, I will teleport everyone gathered at guild plaza lvl 25 to lvl 57 to a special map loaded exclusively with monsters that drop pet quest items such as hawgs, fairies, pawkins, and more! Monsters will be spawned randomly throughout the map at regular intervals, with ~10% of monsters being aggro. Monsters spawned will primarily be around level 34 to 38. Corn, butter, and fairy powder drops will be boosted slightly in the event map.


Guild plaza for warp. Only levels 25 - 57 will be warped to the event location.


9pm - 9:45pm

If you miss the first warp, whisper me, and I will warp you into the event map.


AoE is NOT allowed. Anyone using any aoe skills will be sent to jail until the event is over.

Anyone over level 57 will be kicked out

Please do not gather more than 4 or 5 mobs at a time

Monsters that run away from you will not drop items, so please do not kill them. Let lower level players handle them.

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