Black Friday Sales

This black friday, prepare your wallets for a massive black friday sale! Throughout the day, I will set up shop in Brynhild with items at a discounted rate.

A catalog of all the items to be discounted will be listed here on the 24th.

Below is the catalog for the day. More items may also be in the shop too. There will also be Xen Stones and ue pearls added to the auction house at random points throughout the day.


amount item kron (each)

50,000 cutesy pots 400

300 fairy powder 100k

200 GM lucky balls 50k

50 Dragon Might 200k


10,000 Divine Mystic Flask 5k

500 Metruon 90k

200 Corn 50k

1 ue felix 50m


40,000 Divine Mystic Flask 5k

200 Yellow Watermelon 50k

200 hypermill 800k


50,000 cutesy potions 400

500 GM lucky balls 50k

200 butter 200k

50 Dragon Might 200k

1 ue poodle 30m


600 Grizzly Claws 200k

300 equisibles 90k

200 butter 200k

1 ue fatty 30m


50,000 fantastic slush 900 kron

300 fairy powder 100k

200 GM lucky balls 50k


50,000 cutesy potions restock

1 ue felix 50m

200 Dragon Might 200k

500 Metruon 90k


20,000 Divine Mystic Flask 5k

20,000 fantastic slush 900

200 butter 200k


300 overmaross 90k

300 equisibles 90k

300 fairy powder 100k

800 GM lucky balls 50k


50,000 Divine Mystic Flask 5k

500 Metruon 90k

300 corn 50k

1 ue Pony 40m

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  • The catalog will be posted publicly on thursday, but you can see the catalog now if you've sent me a donation on ko-fi

  • Stay back scalpers!!! X(

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  • Ganta, would you consider selling some LB's? I need luck of the irish LB's for a chance at the leprechaun shoes or even the shoes themselves. Nothing else I need apart from those and a ton of xens, unless those broken def accessories from cb are coming out to play :P

    • Try posting in the marketplace Marketplace - Xen Rebirth I'm sure there are some people willing to sell you some charms for cheap to turn in to patty at city hall.

      There will be some mini auctions during the sale though. The big GM auction will be later this month or early next month the latest.

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  • Nice can't wait to see those!