Winter Solstice

Its the winter solstice, and strange things are happening in snowy maps. Winter related items, such as christmas candy, winter signs, and mystic snowflakes are dropping from monsters in a few maps during the day! Those maps are Inkwell Plains, Simpson Valley, Sheryle Valley, and Ice Maze floor 1&2. Simpson and Sheryle valley will have slightly higher drop rates, as they are solo havens.

There will also be Santa X spawning randomly throughout the day. A notice will appear to inform when and where they appear.

A map with circle for those who don't know the world map too well:

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  • #Add more stuff to sign exchange :P

    • I wouldn't mind being able to trade signs for what are in the lucky balls instead of RNG lucky balls been farming for Winter signs for Santa Suit but having no luck xD maybe I wasn't meant to have it lol