Survive the Abyss

How long can you survive the Abyss? Meet at Guild Plaza at 3pm, where everyone will be warped to this tiny island in the abyss. Monsters will slowly begin to spawn, with more, and more powerful, monsters will spawn as time goes on. Anyone who is alive after 30 minutes will receive a prize. Event will end early if everyone dies, with the prize going to the final person alive. Jureahs are not allowed in this event. Anyone with a divine protection of jureah will be warped away. Store them in hotel before coming to guild plaza.

Prize: 2-day Battle Master

Power 3

Intelligence -1

Stamina 5

Agility -1

Mentality 2

Wisdom -1

Max HP 350

Max MP -50

Weight 2

Minimum request level 50

Equip effect: Melee attack increased by 20.

Equip effect: Magic attack decreased by 10.

Equip effect: Melee Defense increased by 5.

Equip effect: Magic Defense increased by 10.

Item will be sent to your gift box to redeem at any time.

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Comments 13

  • Has this day's reward already been sent?

    It looks like laurel and cefiro haven't received it yet.

    not in a particular hurry

    thank you

    • Yes, they have been given out. I asked for those alive to whisper me but I didn't get any whispers from you. Do you have any evidence you were still alive by chance? I had an issue on my end and couldn't see the full list of players alive.

    • I didn't understand the chat at the time...

      I'm not good at English

      I misunderstood that it would be sent when GM checked the log

      No image proof

    • What did your character look like? Can it be seen in Mewshix's video that is linked below?

    • It's difficult to explain from this video, but I can explain the situation when I participated.

      I couldn't see the names of all the players in this location.

      I was able to confirm only if cefiro, who was the only PT, was alive.

      Cefiro mostly did major heals and occasionally did Life Conversion.

      Laurel waited for the heal without hitting the skill.

      We were alive when ganta said "time is over".

      However, I remember that all players died when ganta fired a skill to clear the mobs.

      At that time, I said that I was alive before ganta did the skill.

    • You can see my statement at 49:23 in mew's video.

      i die aft...

  • SOO Much fun ! Tyvm healers <3

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    Thank you Ganta it was fun xD

  • TY it's is ok was having fun with it is all.

  • kind of starting to feel left out for some reason been on game since start and have never been invited to 1 event. Sort of funny but not rweally not sure why I keep going to them.